Sep 10, 2015

Rumi’s “Guest House”


rumi guest house

The Guest House is a touchstone of our work at Year of Joys. Who wants to encounter a crowd of sorrows who sweep your house clean of all its furnishings?

We do.

It’s never fun to be in the midst of the sweeping, it’s not easy to be in the change or the storm, but it’s lovely to be on the other side. It’s lovely to feel the trust and ease you experience after going through your own shadow, welcoming in your own shame and scarcity, noticing that you too are the bully and the critic as well as the savior and the victim.

Welcoming in all that is within you allows you to welcome in all that is outside of you. This does not make you a passive doormat, numb to the troubles of the world and turning a blind eye to your own shortcomings. On the contrary, it frees you to be the dynamic author of your own life, working with all of your talents and parts to create at your full potential.

Come in and play with us.