Light Background

If you are feeling strongly drawn to working with me and finances are a challenge, reach out and book a free consultation anyway. Money often brings up shame, scarcity, and fear. On this adventure, that makes it a teacher and a place to explore.  Don’t let this great teacher fool you into thinking it’s an insurmountable obstacle. No one who’s truly wanted to adventure with me has had to stop due to lack of funds. We can find a way for you to do it, too.


You need your light. To have a life you are passionate about, enlivened by, and excited to live you need your light.


Humanity and non-human life on this planet need your light. We need you to know and own your own power.


To have a life you are passionate about, excited to live, and enlivened by you need every part of you. There is nothing within you that is bad or superfluous. Indeed, some of the parts you like the least are holding some of the gifts you need the most. Coaching with me supports you in creating the inner harmony necessary to harness these gifts. You’ll be more productive, calm, clear, and decisive. And you’ll have a lot more fun. Guaranteed. Or your money back.