Feb 2, 2017

You’re Worth the Time


Why should I take time for coaching?

Life is busy. I get it.

Yet you long for connection. You ache to be understood. You want to be wanted. The busy-ness of life is partially there to protect you from your own longing and keep you from getting hurt.

There’s another way.

Rewire your experience of vulnerability feeling it as warm and connecting rather than harsh and injurious.

Somatic sex coaching, cuddling,  shame and vulnerability through the pioneering framework of Brene Brown. and compassionate mindfulness, coupled with parts work allows these parts of ourselves that try so hard Рthe Critic, the Perfectionist, the Practitioner, the Healer Рto be welcomed just as they are and listened to. Spontaneous self-correction arises. Our coaching bring a richness and depth to the listening as you are deeply heard and witnessed.