One on one coaching

I help people find more connection, belonging, and joy.


To do this, we often explore shame, vulnerability, scarcity, and fear. Don’t worry. It’s a pretty amazing journey. 
Reach out for personal connection. Really. It's free, personal, sincere, and usually fun.

Reach out for personal connection. Really. It’s free, personal, sincere, and (ridiculously often) fun.


You know that inner harmony is priceless and I imagine you’re curious how cuddling and coaching with me can help you have that.

Your Initial Consultation:

Our first connection is a free consultation. You’ll get spacious, free focus all on you.  We’ll connect as fellow humans.  I’ll listen to all that you want and all that’s stopping you without shame, blame or judgment. Not only that, you’ll get to hear your desires reflected back to you with enthusiasm and possibilities.


The first sessions:

I bring all my tools and experience. You bring all your desires, fears, and curiosity. And we work together with touch, with words, with movement, with gentle, firm, curious compassion. We work together to listen to what you want, where you struggle, where you feel joy and where you feel blocked.  We’ll keep the focus on you while bringing in a bit of theory – just a touch where you need it. We’ll welcome in the varying parts of you and learn how to talk to them. You’ll learn new skills to take home and practice. Many clients are surprised to see immediate results as well as improvement over time.


Next sessions:

 Year of Joys work is an adventure. Our first sessions help us get our map of the territory and our general destination. With that information, we venture deeper into our journey. Like any good adventure, there will be twists and turns, unexpected adversaries and unexpected help. Sometimes you’ll feel overwhelmed and like all the odds are against you. Sometimes you’ll feel on top of the world and like you’ve “made it.” Your feelings will roll up and down as you gently spiral towards your goals. That’s why your coaching is an investment of months or years. The adventure is not a short one. It unfolds over time. Our commitment is to show up. I trust the work to unfold and help you do the same. Transformation isn’t easy but it is worth it.

Yes! This sounds amazing. How do I get started?

Take the first step. Book a free consultation. Talk to me. Let me listen to your hopes and fears, what you want and what you don’t yet allow yourself to know you want. Let me help you make this next chapter the best one of your life, filled with connection, belonging, intimacy, and depth. All you have to do is take the first step.

Timing and Location:

Reserving  90 minutes each week for our coaching is a good baseline, yet the actual amount of time we spend together will vary.

We may meet every week, we may not. We may meet more frequently or less. We may meet for one hour, two hours, or something in between. We’ll create a clear time container based on many factors including your capacity to integrate the work of our sessions into your everyday life, your willingness to dive into your own inner world, and your eagerness to experience more aliveness.

All sessions are in person at my home office in Boulder, CO. Phone and Skype sessions are available upon request. Private coaching and in-person workshops can be arranged in your hometown with plenty of advance notice.

Book your free consultation with me today to find out if this is the best option for you.