Healing The Personal, Healing the Planet: Information and Registration

Want a more just and sustainable world?
Want more happiness and personal fulfillment?

Then you’re in the right place. Inspired by the work of Brene Brown, Jerry Donoghue, and Joanna Macy, “Healing the Personal, Healing the Planet” takes you on a journey to use your own personal healing in service to all beings.

It is an online interactive live workshop made up of 9 classes starting March 23, 2015.

Timing and Live Call Details:

Dates: March 23 – May 18, 2015

noon Eastern, 11am Central, 9am Pacific
for ~75 minutes (longer during some live coaching and sharing days)
9 Mondays in a row.
All classes will be recorded and shared with everyone registered for the class.
Note: You don’t have to make the live calls to take the class. People who are unable to make the scheduled class time have taken the class and found it is still powerful and engaging.

Live Free Webinar Introduction:

Join me for a sneak preview.
Thursday March 19, 11am CDT
Instant access to Healing the Personal, Healing the Planet live free webinar from Saturday 3/14/15

Instant access to Healing the Personal, Healing the Planet live free webinar from Saturday 3/14/15


(each link below will allow you to register at the various prices):
Basic Affordable Price: $297
Returning Student Price: $200
2 for 1 New Student Discount: $148.50.*

*For anyone new that is brought into the class, I’m delighted to offer you a 2 for 1 option where you and the new person can take the class for $148.50 each (half of $297)


Class Outline:

Each of the 9 classes will be a bit different. Like an adventure, we know where we want to go and we’re sure there will be surprises along the way. What you can expect are three main types of classes, Presentations, Hot Seat Coaching, and Sharing. Clicking the purple text below will give you an audio sound bite of the different class styles. 

Presentation classes are similar to the live free webinars in that I will be presenting information with pictures and visual cues. There will be homework at the end of each presentation class that you generally get two weeks to work on before getting new homework. There is time for questions, answers, and sharing after each Presentation. Presentation classes usually last 60-75 minutes.

In the Hot Seat Coaching  classes, members of the class volunteer for focused one on one coaching with me. This live coaching is often what people remember as peak experiences of the entire workshop. Having focused loving attention from all members of the class while being guided through the issues that are most pressing in your life is worth the price of admission all on it’s own.

The Sharing classes are a time for each member of the class to “check in” about how they are doing as well as share questions, insights, and stories about how the class is impacting their lives. These are my favorite classes as I love hearing straight from you how you are doing and how the class is serving you.

Week 1, 3/23: Presentation

Week 2, 3/30: short Introductions followed by Hot Seat Coaching

Week 3, 4/6: Presentation

Week 4, 4/13: Sharing

Week 5, 4/20: Presentation

Week 6, 4/27: Hot Seat Coaching

Week 7, 5/4: Presentation

Week 8, 5/11: Presentation

Week 9, 5/18: Sharing

Full Workshop Registration:

Ready to sign up for the whole class? Congratulations. You are in good company. Simply choose the payment option that’s right for you (above) and fill out the form (below).

Not sure yet if this class is where you need to invest your precious time and money? I’m happy to help you figure it out. Use this link to schedule a time to talk with me live, one on one. We’ll talk about your life, your vision, and what you’re ready to do. We’ll talk about this class, what I offer, and what you can expect. Then we’ll help you trust yourself to make the best decision for you.
Monday, March 23, 2015 11am Central (noon Eastern, 9am Pacific)