Safe Touch, Compassionate Listening, and Aliveness

You belong here.

Year of Joys is here to give you the tools and support you need to live with connection and love, asking for what you want, offering your gifts, and knowing you belong. It is a journey through your relationships to others, your relationship to yourself, and your relationship to the global ecosystem.

This page offers you a luscious taste of my approaches to cuddling, coaching, and changing the world one relationship at a time.


The following are videos from the year-long class I offer on shame, vulnerability, scarcity, and joy. They are not specifically about cuddling although all the concepts presented are faster and easier to access while being offered safe, compassionate, consensual touch.

Short videos.

Appetizer sized bites sharing the impact A Year of Joys has had on the workshop participants.

Introduction to A Year of Joys. My first video selfie about this whole project.

Shame Vulnerability Scarcity and Joy: Relationships

Freedom and Power: The Gifts Within Our Stereotypes and Cultural Myths